“Keeping People Housed.”   There is no way to assess the human cost associated with losing one’s home or the impact on a family.

Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund - VHPF

The purpose of the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund is to provide financial assistance for families and individuals on the verge of becoming homeless due to a one-time but consequential event such as temporary job loss, accident or illness.  Ventura residents are eligible for VHPF assistance.

 * 100% of your contribution to the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund (VHPF) prevents homelessness for families with children, seniors, women and men currently residing in the city of Ventura.

 * 50% of Ventura's homelessness can be PREVENTED simply by keeping people in their current residence.

 * 23,000 Ventura residents are on the verge of homelessness on any given day. -