Thanks to our donors, Ventura Homeless Prevention has now kept 1,040 people housed -- 40% of them children.

Thank you to all of our recent donors:   

​Rose Ann Hill                                   Joel and Arlene Goldenberg             Jay and Sally Kosoff

Dan (AKA Santa) Long                  Regina Barnes                                      Bob and Mary Braitman

Martha Jaffee                                  Kim Allen and Virgil Caldwell            John Sanders Jones

Nakamura Family                          Judith and Mark Fleischman            Karen Flock          

Nina Dunbar (in honor of Kathy Wertheim)                                             Mary and Matt Haffner

Esterh and Ira Sorkin                    Katherine Wertheim                            Kent and Sue Brinkmeyer

Jodi McLeod                                   Marcella Shelby                                       

Gill Sormount (in honor of Orange and Sherlock)