Thanks to our donors, Ventura Homeless Prevention has now kept 1,040 people housed -- 40% of them children.

Ventura Homeless Prevention is deeply grateful for a recent grant of $3,000 from the Julius Gius Memorial Foundation of the Rotary Foundation of Ventura.  

Thank you to all of our recent donors:   

​Judith Alexandre                              Jill Forman                                            Razoo Foundation Donor

Neal Andrews                                  Lynn Geller                                            Sacred Heart Church

Regina Barnes                                 Kay Giles                                              Dora Saenz-Belden

Barbara Blye                                  Julius Gius Memorial Foundation/Rotary Club of Ventura     Dave and Jan Schmutte

Kent and Susan Brinkmeyer            Insight Meditation of Ventura                    Debora Schreiber

Russell & Cathy Brudnicki               John Jones                                             Millie Seidman

Kim  and Virginia Caldwell                Lauretta A. Kail                                       Esther and Ira Sorkin

Cash donors at the Ventura July 4 Street Fair Alan Kirschbaum                        Ventura County Jewish Council/Temple Beth Torah

Circle  of Friends                            Daniel E Long                                          Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura

Cheryl and Todd Collart                   Ana Melgoza                                            Ventura Church of Christ

Dave & Jeanette Curci                    Janna Minsk                                            Ventura Church of the Foothills

Downtown Ventura Partners             Carl E Morehouse                                    Ventura Missionary Church

Joyce E. Faber                               Ruth & George Owens                              Bill and Marcia Wakelee

Katherine Wertheim                         all who donated via Amazon Smile program