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 Ventura Homeless Prevention Board of Directors List
 * Ventura Homeless Prevention. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ending homelessness in the City of Ventura.

* Ventura Homeless Prevention was established in 2014 to fill a gap in Ventura County’s ten year strategy to end homelessness.  It is based on a “Housing First” initiative supported by the United States Interagency Council of Homelessness.

* Ventura Homeless Prevention organization supports and extends the ongoing work of the VSSTF Committee which has been working to end homelessness since 1994. 

Denise Adams

  Denise Asams is a licensed social worker with the Salvation Army in Ventura.  She is responsible there for community outreach and rental assistance and serves as case manager for nearly all of the clients of Ventura Homeless Prevention. 

Judy Alexandre PhD, LCSW

  Judy Alexandrs is Co-Chair of the Ventura Social Services Task Force.  She recently retired from Westmont College, where she taught classes in social work skills and policy related to intimate partner violence, child welfare, contemporary marriage, family, grief and loss.  She had a private clinical practice for 35 years, and supervised interns for many years as well.  Judy volunteers at One Stop.


Rolland Barrio

Roland Barrio,  Branch Manager, U. S. Bank, brings expertise in business development and customer relations.  He chairs the Public Relations Committee of the Kiwanis Club of Ventura.


Sue Brinkmeyer

Sue Brinkmeyer, Board President, is a former grant writer, grant director and community college professor of English.  She has served on the Oxnard Homeless Commission, chaired the Ventura Social Services Task Force,  and served on the Board of the County�s Continuum of Care, all of which are organizations dedicated to ending homelessness in their respective areas. 


Jill Forman

Jill Forman, Board Secretary, is a retired RN and emergency room nurse.  She is a long-serving member of the committee that oversees the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund and has been a community activist working to end homelessness for more than ten years. 

John Sanders Jones

John Sanders Jones, Webmaster, served for many years as president of the Ventura Social Services Task Force.  He has been a community activist working to end homelessness for over fifteen years.


Debora Schreiber

Debora Schreiber is a retired nurse and long-time activist in Ventura County.  She, along with her partner, Neal Andrews, was among the group that created the Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund back in 2007.

David Schmutte,

Dave Schmutte,  Board Treasurer, is a retired CPA.  He has served as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Turning Point Foundation, past president of the Channel Counties Chapter California Certified Public Accountants Society, and president of the Ventura Kiwanis club.  

Ventura Homeless Prevention Advisors to the  Board

Thomas Hutchinson

Thomas Hutchson is a partner with the law firm of Norman Dowler LLP, who has also had a successful career in business, encompassing sales, marketing, finance, management and manufacturing. He is past-president of the Rotary Club of Ventura.